Every Future Deserves a Great Vision Statement.

“This nation should dedicate itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” ~ John F. Kennedy. With these famous words from President Kennedy’s special address to the U.S. Congress in 1961, the standard for leadership would forever be established for evolving organizations the world over.

Why an Industry Leader Rewrote the Book on its Mission

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It’s something that even history’s great entrepreneurs have set aside as an “I’ll get around to it later” kind of thing, however the power of a focused vision and mission statement can set wheels in motion for an organization-wide metamorphosis that will not only empower, but often surprise. Just ask student time-management and organizational behavior pioneers, Premier Agendas, in Bellingham, Washington.

With a story book ascent to the top of student time-management and planning through the mid 1990’s and 2000’s (revenues of $3 Million U.S. in 1992 to $130 Million U.S. in 2008), Premier Agendas literally rewrote the industry book through an unprecedented period of revenue growth and market acquisition during this inspired time (24 million students using Premier planners in 2008).

However, as with all great eras and enterprises, the time for reinvention came along. Fortunately, as had been the case from the onset of Premier’s entry onto the North American education scene, Q-Power was there to help usher in a bold new vision and era through a collaborative stakeholder exercise that would define an exciting new strategic focus for the industry innovators.

Opening quotations

Q-Power has been an integral partner and innovator for our company for over 15 years. Without them, we would not have fantastic learning products kids utilize each and every day.”

Dave Loeppkey
Former President, Premier Agendas

Agenda Reticulated Cover Agenda Reticulated Cover
Agenda Reticulated Cover Agenda Reticulated Cover
Agenda Reticulated Cover Agenda Reticulated Cover

Project Innovations Showcase

  • Premier School Agendas Logo - 1992
  • First Full Color Themed Agenda Planner - 1993
  • Annual Sales Brochure & Calendar in One - 1995
  • 3-D Lenticular Depth & Motion Covers - 2000 Celebrating the Millennium
  • Annual Conference Display & Communications Collateral - 2001 Victoria, Canada
  • National Pride Banners - 2002 Post 911 Early Order Incentive

The Times They Are a Changin’

The classical French author, Francois de la Rochefoucauld famously stated; “The only thing constant in life is change”. By the late 2000’s, the Premier Agendas executive team was getting a good sense of just how prophetic that adage would be.

Project Innovations Showcase

  • Skinny On & Connections College Publications - 2007
  • UGO 365 Urban Planner Innovation - 2009
  • Kid First Revolution Online Inspiration Portal - 2009
  • New Corporate Vision & Mission Statement - 2012
UGO covers

With the market crash of 2008 dramatically affecting a slowing economy, and competition chipping away at once-unprecedented market share, it became time for leadership to make a milestone decision. In the Fall of 2011, Premier launched a brand new company-wide vision aimed at marshaling efforts towards a game-changing strategic focus.

Students + Teachers + Planning = Learning Success!

While the name Premier Agendas had always been synonymous with student success, an evolving reality was beginning to mark the landscape of the education world. That being: less dollars to go around, and busy teachers. Very, very busy teachers.

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Leading Edge Distinction

With the Q-Power team on the leading edge of student planner innovation and design since day one, and armed with an understanding of every aspect of its number one client’s current set of realities, it’s no surprise that Q-Power was asked to develop the organization’s broadened new strategic vision.

By taking a deeper look into the very real role teachers and educators play as primary catalysts for student planning and effectiveness, Premier Agendas was once again tracking towards the cusp of leading-edge market distinction.

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From this point forward, Premier products and services would be just as centrally focused on the ease and convenience of teacher/educator implementation and support, as on general product functionality and appeal for students.

The times had evolved and changed. Educators would be best served by a fully integrated technology solution for students. Teachers would require evolved implementation support to recover discretionary time from their already hectic schedules. And classroom stewards across North America would benefit from proprietary planning tools focused specifically on their own planning and course curriculum needs. Done and done. All in all, an innovation triumph a long time in the making, was well on the way to paying significant dividends for the ever proud industry leaders.

Students + Teachers + Planning = Learning Success!

Q-Power was there to help usher in a bold new vision and era through a collaborative stakeholder exercise that would define an exciting new strategic focus for the industry innovators.

Premier Posters
Premier Posters
Premier Posters
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Extra! Extra!

So what do you do once you have a proud vision and mission declaration for your future? Why, you flaunt it of course! Post it internally. Host it externally. On your website and at your work site. In hallways and corridors. Showcase it in your boardrooms. Anywhere and everywhere there’s a stakeholder who’s looking to be inspired. After all, it’s your organization’s very identity we’re talking about.

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