Rolling the Numbers

Smart Business isn’t Afraid to Push the Outer Limits.


Number crunchers all over the world are typically stereotyped for their cerebral ways. However, an intrepid group of financial thinkers just north of Seattle are setting the record straight on just exactly how imaginative and inspiring white collar sleuths can ultimately be. Make way PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG!

Who says all bean counters are stuffy, reclusive automatons simply looking to lock themselves away in their private enclaves until the close of the coming tax season? Not so for a very dynamic troupe of certified public accountants in the State of Washington.


With entrepreneurial catalyst and company CEO, Kathy Varner leading the way, Varner Sytsma Herndon (VSH) charged us to help create something captivating. A new campaign aimed at positioning themselves as not your average accountancy, but an outside the box group of financial experts and thinkers, with globally relevant niche market specialties, personnel and capacity. The campaign would reveal that VSH is capable of thinking bigger than outside the box – much bigger.

In order for marketing campaigns to have true legs, it’s incumbent to invent genuinely memorable and resonant imagery, to captivate, engage and even edutain the multiple stakeholder groups. Of course, Madison Avenue sages of eras gone by have long since discovered that without an embraceable slogan or rallying cry to connect it all together, even the most enthusiastic of campaigns may ultimately miss out on the grand prize in the end – the consumers. Enter Albert Einstein and his infinite resource of worldly wisdom.

Here’s a look at the approach:

Challenge #1:

How does VSH represent to its existing client base, as well as to prospective new clients, that there is much more to its current expertise and capacity?

Solution: Introduce curiosity, discovery, questioning, awareness, real knowledge by positioning supporting copy such as:

  • Sometimes it pays to ask the right questions.
  • Get the answers to questions you never thought to ask.
  • Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Challenge #2:

How does VSH represent that they are an elite, numbers-savvy group of innovative business thinkers and problem solvers?

Solution: Introduce a timeless and trusted spokesperson with global respect and cache and sign up Albert Einstein to a long-term contract.

Challenge #3:

How does VSH create memorable and compelling campaign messaging that will not only resonate, but stick in the minds of its target market customer?

Solution: Invent copy and imagery that represents the niche services, but also finds a clever way to get into the minds of current and prospective clients.

  • Take your business a quantum leap forward.
  • Global business doesn’t have to be far out science.
  • Is cash flow keeping you from an expanding business universe?

Whether it’s personal self-discovery or commercial invention, human emotion and the general spirit of discovery is what ultimately engenders true joy, happiness and fulfillment of life in all of us. So, while facts and the predictable often predicate a significant part of our day to day, Albert was on to something bigger. And, making big things happen, was exactly where the VSH team was headed.

Opening quotations

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

~ Albert Einstein

Those are interesting words from history’s most prominent and respected scientist, mathematician, physicist and intellectual celebrity. One would have expected such words of wisdom from Walt Disney. But to truly understand Albert is at the same time to understand what ultimately makes the world go round.

Einstein Chalkboard

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