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Sometimes being thought of as highly intelligent can have its legitimate drawbacks. In the case of Norima Consulting, evolving a new brand image would be critical to winning prestigious technology accounts locally and abroad. As we set about on a focused corporate identity plan, it became evident early on, that Norima’s capacity for balanced critical thinking represented the ultimate assurance customers were looking for.

As with any of life’s audacious plans or enterprising opportunities, the adage ‘first things first’ can be that common sense pillar on which a game changing new vision meets the light of day. When the principal partners of North American based technology group, Norima Consulting approached our team to evolve a distinguishing new brand to help grow business, the company first looked in the mirror and recognized a genuine lack of messaging distinctiveness from their industry counterparts. With an IT world adrift in theory and code, the Norima consulting team immediately signed up to review its unique points of difference, but even more boldly, to communicate them with passion. A very telling move as it turned out to be.

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Uncommon Sense

When we sat down with the partnership group, it didn’t take long to uncover what really lay behind their success. From the very early start up days in Canada, through to progressive U.S. expansions, there was something technologically imaginative and deliberate about this bunch. It was their very measured, pragmatic and customer centric approach to solution engineering.

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First things first. Before you can design a logo, the world needs a positioning line!”

Ray Kuik
Q-Power Communications

Eye on the prize

Emotive Identity. What Is It?

Emotive identity is the pinnacle, the peak of a brand symbol. It’s when a logo or a mark altruistically evokes an immediate and embraceable connection with the company, service or product being promoted, and creates warm and fuzzy identity connections with consumers.

The next time you consider a new brand image or identity for your organization, check for these telltale iconic signs. Your identity should:

  • Intuitively fit with your company or product name
  • Intuitively connect with your positioning line or corporate tagline
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be memorable and/or evocative
  • Make you say: That’s cool!
Opening quotations

Q-Power’s own pragmatic approach helped us discover a point of difference that helped to position us as a leader in our distinct world.”

Susan Goldie
Director, Consulting Services Norima Consulting

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Norima Consulting Smart Design Highlights

For Norima, we found that their mix of brilliantly enterprising creative minds ensured a refreshingly balanced approach to IT problems. Imagine getting the best of both worlds – ingenuity and sensibility. We think that’s an approach every smart business wants on their side.

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