Investors Group is one of Canada’s leading providers of financial service, helping assist Canadians in planning for financial security by providing quality planning advice through a network of consultants. They’re extremely proud to consistently recognize their top-level performers and reflect appreciation for all they do each and every year. Elite consultants are sent to incentive conferences honouring extraordinary achievements, and top sales performance is rewarded to also help motivate and inspire those around them to exceed. Each and every year Investors Group approaches us to create distinctive reward programs for conference destinations. Award candidates look forward with genuine anticipation to being presented with this annual prestigious company honour, with many adding the most recent to a mantel already proudly displaying past achievements.

IG President's Club Trophy and Portugal trip logo IG President's Elite Trophy and Danube River cruise logo
Recognition Trophies

How do you pay the respect and gratitude to performers with a penchant for delivering A-level results year after year? By gifting tangible mementos for lasting personal reflection. These original cast models were created in L.A. by James Rogers Sculpture Studio, whose provided model sculpting for the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, and Lucas Film. The design embodies the free-flowing spirit and energy reflected in top performing achievers, while the granite-like base serves as a symbol of financial strength and stability of an investment icon that has risen above. Each year’s campaign adds customized elements including incentive destination, campaign mantra, and the recipient’s name etched in for lasting posterity.

Destination Videos

To announce where the conference is being held, a custom logo and video is launched to the consultants to build excitement for the destination. The logo symbolizes both the spirit of the destination and consultant while the video entertains and informs them on the uniqueness of the city and country utilizing a range of cultural music, notable people, quotes, icons, fashion, cuisine, architecture and historical references.

Invitation & Destination Event Guides

The reward programs turn the location of Investors conference events into something as special and unique as the consultants themselves. Personalized invites acknowledge all who succeed in obtaining the award level. Delivered packages come to regional offices and include a unique invite with a special personal gift to engage the consultant and build excitement to the destination of choice, followed up with a travel package and itinerary for the destination of the year.

Portugal Invite Danube Invite

Destination packaging is made to be as special & unique as the top performers.

Emails direct winners to a custom website for the latest updates and provide a central information hub. Upon arrival at the destination, consultants are greeted with a welcome package complete with travel guides and itineraries of the week’s events, loaded with interesting background knowledge for the event destination.

Investor's Group Portugal Travel Guide Investor's Group Danube Travel Guide
Investor's Group Portugal Travel Guide Investor's Group Danube Travel Guide
Investor's Group Portugal Travel Guide Investor's Group Danube Travel Guide
Investor's Group Portugal Travel Guide Investor's Group Danube Travel Guide
Investor's Group Portugal Website Investor's Group Danube Website