How does your current brand's appeal measure up?

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1: Personal Feel-Good

If you were to rate your personal feel-good when you think of your organization’s corporate image (logo, marketing communications messaging, brand look & feel, online presence), what would it be?

2: Brand Awareness

In your community, city or consumer market, would you say that your company is reasonably well known and visible?

3: Communication Effectiveness

In your community, city or consumer market, would you say that your product and/or service distinction is clearly understood by your customer?

4: Buzz Factor

In your city, community or consumer market, would you say that your organization is talked about in a way that builds buzz and excitement about your products and/or services?

5: Team Fire

How would you best describe your internal team’s passion and preparedness to spread the word regarding the successes that have contributed to your organization’s legacy?

6: Customer Loyalty

How would you rate your ability to maintain customer loyalty even when your pricing may not be lowest?

7: Corporate Vision

Would you say that your company’s corporate vision and mission is well stated, visible and embraced by key internal stakeholders and internal team members?

8: Communications Innovation

How active and on top of things would you say your company is in the area of new media communications (ie; Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC, E-Commerce, Interactive Touch Screen Technologies, Digital Signage, Social Media)?

9: The Human Touch

How would you rate your organization’s awareness of organic new ways to connect with customers through any or all of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, scent)?

10: Sales & Revenue Focus

How committed would you say your organization is to annual sales and revenue growth and re-generation?

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