Insights & Inspirations to Help Build Your Emotional Brand Know-How

How Does Your Brand’s Appeal Measure Up?

In 1963, a leading edge New York based marketing firm developed a simple survey and rating system that measured the likeability or appeal of a company, brand, celebrity, cartoon character or television show. Now you can build a personal sense of your organization’s brand appeal with Q-Power’s engaging and responsive Q-Score self-assessment scorecard.


Don't Overthink it

This just might be Q-Power’s favorite emotional brand principle of all! Sometimes, great ideas are killed prematurely, even irreverently, by boardroom savants or what some in our world might call “overthinkers”, even before they’ve had the chance to see the light of day. Unfortunately, what often disappears along with them is all the cool, creative inspired collaboration that could have been.

Thinking Man statue

Build it and they will come

In the classic 1989 American fantasy-drama film, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, novice farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice that whispers “If you build it, he will come”, and sees a baseball diamond. His wife, Annie, is skeptical, but she allows him to plow under his corn to build the field.

What’s All This Got to do with Building Emotional Brands?

Field of Dreams

Great minds don’t think alike

Diversity Rocks! As even brainiac IQ types like Albert understood, one plus one doesn’t always make two. But what those of us in the warm and fuzzy EQ world of branding and marketing communications have come to recognize, is that the case can well be made for a factor exponentially more significant when it comes to consolidating creative energy into winning campaigns aimed at savvy consumers.

Albert Einstein

Relationship Bank Accounts Pay Dividends

Infusing Love and Respect into client-creative relationships can seem like a warm and fuzzy sounding missive. But just how important to the branding and marketing equation is it? According to us, it’s pretty much right up there with learning to get along with your mother-in-law.

Relationship Bank Accounts

Devil's in the Details

We’ve all heard this wisdom many times before. Could it be because this age-old refrain just works? There’s a reason we have a thing about following in the footsteps of the masters when it comes to execution excellence. It’s because attention to detail, even in corporate culture, is right up there at the top of leaders’ how to be successful list.

Christine Grill