Merit Contractors

Merit Contractors Association is the only organization of its kind in Manitoba, supporting and representing the unique interests of open shop contractors. The organization consists of over 270 open shop companies both large and small providing employee benefits, advocacy, training and advancement opportunities.

Merit Construction Helmet
Logo & Corporate Identities

Merit’s logo is representative of a strong foundation for the construction industry. It symbolizes the four pillars of benefits they provide to workers and their families and is identified subtly through a negative cross symbolizing health benefits.


Merit’s range of services were not inherently intuitive at first glance for perspective new members. The creation of four simple pillars, visually based on the logo design, made these benefits evident at a glance and became the cornerstones of all marketing touch points.

  1. Comprehensive Employee Benefits
  2. Advocacy & Lobby Support
  3. Training & Education Programs
  4. Career Advancement & Promotion
Merit Contractors Benefits
Merit Contractors Email Marketing

Direct email marketing targeted new and current member companies. The focus, to drive new members to Merit’s website, where they have the opportunity to sign up for an in-person meeting with a consultant, while well connected current members are incentivized to bring new member companies to join.

Merit Contractors Eblast
Promo Video

A simple promotion video introduced Merit’s new brand personality, intent on cultivating new interest with local contractors and organizations. The video also serves as a call to action for new businesses to visit Merit’s website.

“Merits new brand is not only on point with focused messaging, but is now garnering us the results we’d hoped for.”

~ Yvette Milner ~ President

Interactive Media

Online, Merit’s new website reinforced the brand pillars, giving customers detailed information on the benefits of membership, also providing news, events and the opportunity for contractors to educate and train their people. A short form can be filled out to secure an in-person meeting with a consultant.

Collateral Print

Helping support the overall campaign was print consultant collateral which served as a sales tool for one-on-one meetings to review benefits with interested contractors.

Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba Print Material