Dr. B at Festival Orthodontics Grand Opening

Dr. Bruce McFarlane (Dr. B) was born with a relentless commitment to craft and technology. He is a lecturer in high demand to orthodontists, dentists and universities across the continent. But Dr. B desired to re-brand and re-position his self-named practice toward a more focused opportunity that included youth, teens, and young adolescents.

Logos, Identities & Interactive Festival Orthodontics - Winnipeg, Canada

With Festival Orthodontics we created an identity where fun, positive energy and aspiration filled the day. This colorful logo included a ferris wheel with the lower half representing a set of smiling teeth that literally lit up. The sign we created for the exterior created a whole lot of attention with bright spinning lights emulating a moving ferris wheel. A Festival website was also created that harnessed that same fun and positive energy online and was an immediate hit. So much so that it solved one of Dr. B’s goals; garnering enough interest to sell and start up his dream practice in beautiful Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. B and Staff at Festival Orthodontics
Festival Orthodontics Website
StarMaker Orthodontics - Where Stars Align
Logos, Identities & Interactive StarMaker Orthodontics - Beverly Hills, USA

StarMaker Orthodontics was fashioned with the same intent as the Festival brand; fun, exciting and aspriational. The StarMaker logo depicts a graphic smile with braces, but also showed a progression of personal stardom, gaining momentum and brightness and symbolizing how important your smile is to your own personal goals. Online, StarMaker included all the great orthodontic specialty services Dr. B was famous for and even included some zodiac fun where you match your sign to those of the stars. The new brand continues Dr. B’s legacy and style and continues to put smiles on people’s faces.

StarMaker Orthodontics website StarMaker Orthodontics website StarMaker Orthodontics website StarMaker Orthodontics website
StarMaker Orthodontics website
StarMaker Orthodontics Mobile Website