Todd Davison Founder of The Believe in the Goal Foundation The Hockey Hall of Fame

When rising hockey star Todd Davison was diagnosed with cancer, he founded the Believe in the Goal Foundation (B.I.G.). His dream was a sold-out hockey arena that would raise money for cancer patient care. We helped the foundation create the Superstar Summer Showdown, which attracted NHL’s hottest stars, and raised thousands of dollars for cancer patient care through ticket and merchandise sales. It also proved once again that Winnipeg’s passion for people is just as big as our love for the game.

Todd Davison #34
Superstar Summer Showdown Charity Hockey Game Team Photo
Logos & Identities Event, Mascot & Merchandise Logos

We generated buzz around this event by creating a team logo which featured another Winnipeg icon... the mosquito. He showed up on all kinds of merchandise and some pretty sweet looking jerseys that had all players feeling part of the same winning team.

Believe in the Goal Logo
Superstar Summer Showdown Logo
Superstar Summer Showdown Logo
Believe in the Goal Stick and Puck
White Jersey
Red Jersey
Black Jersey

The brand in action.

Advertising & Design Multimedia Campaign

How do you build hype for big name NHL talent without showing the talent? Well, you show their team colors. For the B.I.G. campaign, we focused on the jerseys; showing names and numbers of star players for the event. Local advertising blanketed the city one month prior to game time and a 50' x 100' outdoor banner, the “B.I.G.gest” the city has seen, was unveiled on the side of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Press conferences, outdoor media, newspaper, TV and radio (including ticket giveaways), grassroots contests, and additional online ticket sales all helped to raise money for the event.

Believe in the Goal Billboard
Believe in the Goal Banner
Believe in the Goal Program
Interactive Media Foundation Website

Online, fans could learn all about the Believe in the Goal Foundation, preview the SuperStar Summer Showdown game lineup, check out player profiles, find out about sponsorship and donations to the cause, and buy tickets and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

Believe in the Goal Website and Merchandise

Website and branded promotional merchandise.

Todd’s new found purpose became his passion and mission.

Today, his many friends, family and legion of supporters in Manitoba’s vibrant hockey community carry on his legacy through the spirit of Believe.

Jonathon Toews signs autographs
Toews and Keane face off
Ace Burpee
Fan in the locker room
Cam Barker visiting kids in the hospital
Special Jersey Chair

Special Edition chairs for raffle donated by Jersey Chair