The James Richardson & Sons Limited Brand
Background Corporate Website & Historic Timeline

James Richardson & Sons Limited is one of the largest private family-owned and operated companies in Canada, with over 150 years of success in International Grain Trade, Agriculture and Food Processing, Energy Development, Financial Services, and Real Estate. JRSL had always presented a strong emphasis on its pioneering past, but the impressive group of companies and its commodities was confusing and modest in nature. Our approach was simple; keep true to this magnificent history of excellence, but focus and freshen up the approach by creating an at-a-glance simplicity to the group of companies JRSL owns. Big colourful imagery walks you through company profiles more like a picture book then a long dissertation, allowing focus on the broad scope and natural beauty of the products. Important aspects of JRSL’s history were not ignored; rather honoured through a comprehensive and interactive timeline of milestones and pioneering Canadian achievements.

Richardson Wax Seal

Excellence, every step of the way.

Our approach was simple; keep true to this magnificent history of excellence, but focus and freshen up the approach by creating an at-a-glance simplicity to the group of companies JRSL owns.

JRSL Historical Timeline

Richardson International is Canada’s largest, privately-owned agribusiness that has served farmers across the country for more than 150 years. Based in Winnipeg, Richardson has over 1,600 employees across Canada and is a worldwide handler and merchandiser of all major Canadian-grown grains and oilseeds. One of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, Richardson International is recognized as a global leader in agriculture and food processing. From corporate brochures, to interactive kiosks, to award winning trade show display booths, our work for Richardson has helped inform customers, prospects, suppliers and potential recruits, all captured by a look and feel that models Richardson’s highly successful and respected brand.

Two guys in a field, Pioneer Grain elevator
Advertising & Design Corporate Brochure, Agronomic Publications & Reports, Direct Mail & Event Advertising

One of Western Canada’s largest networks of grain-handling and crop production facilities and an extensive network of industry professionals across Western Canada, Richardson Pioneer is a farmers’ source of information for agronomy, seed, crop protection products, fertilizer and grain marketing.

With plenty of direct mail to give farmers the latest updates on product promotion, we supported this by creating and developing a string of informational publications to help get investment news, events, and research out to farmers and suppliers including the Seed Source, Kelburn Chronicles, and Kelburn Crop Report.

Richardson Photo Collage

When Richardson Pioneer turned 100 years old, they asked us to create a logo that represented a century’s worth of celebration to carry throughout the year across Canadian communities.

Richardson 100 Years
Brandscaping Corporate Trade Show Display

Richardson International’s traffic-stopping trade show booth has not only been successful in garnering a great amount of interest from farm customers, it’s also causing the industry to sit up and take notice. The booth was designed to proudly display every part of the business, including grain handling, merchandising, logistics, crop inputs sales as well as oilseed processing and food service packaging. Attract screens help to showcase the separate company divisions of Richardson Pioneer, Oilseed and Nutrition. It also includes a separate meeting room so client interaction would be on-site and immediate. The display has received numerous awards including the Best Large Booth Award During the Western Canadian Crop Production Show as well as the Most Innovative award from the Ag Expo in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Richardson Tradeshow Booth
Interactive Media Touchscreen Recruitment Kiosk

Richardson International’s Human Resources department asked us to create a campaign for recruitment at Canadian Colleges and Universities with the goal to position and portray R.I. as the Canadian agribusiness employer of choice. The ‘Success Starts Here’ campaign included a new career fair booth, print materials (including ads and posters for around campus), and an interactive touch screen kiosk which boasted an attract loop to draw people in, specific job categories and descriptions, and a locations map all with data capture functionality.

Richardson Tradeshow Booth
Richardson Recruitment Kiosk