On the Road for Decades, You Just Never Noticed; ‘til Now.

South East Transfer

When the CEO of Big Freight presented us with the challenge of putting a bold new image on the roadways of North America, they opted not to look forward, but to first take a reflective step back in time. With over 60 years of enterprising company history to draw on, the ingredients for a celebratory ode to both the past and the future were evident from the start.

It’s a good thing CEO, Gary Coleman of Big Freight happens to be a bit of a history buff. Right from the get-go, Big Freight’s fleet makeover challenge was destined to become a testament to the company’s enterprising past. Of course, it didn’t hurt that his founding father Seaton, still walked the hallowed halls from time to time, checking up on the boys and the business. As the company’s capacity and technology progressively evolved from its early roots in 1948, so did its fleet design and corporate colors.

Hearkening back to the truck’s body color of the early startup years, our team proposed a return to the jet black color that so boldly launched Big Freight’s successful foray into the North American transport world in the very beginning. They agreed. It was time to come full circle and celebrate all that had intrinsically come to represent the company’s burgeoning legacy of success.

Right from the get-go, Big Freight’s fleet makeover challenge was destined to become a testament to the company’s enterprising past.

Black is the New Green

With over 200 plus tractors in the field, a key design consideration would be the resell value of the big rigs. The previous fleet design required all the trucks to be painted with an atypical green base body coat. A consequence of this however, when moving the vehicles into the pre-owned market, was a reduced per vehicle price; as much as $3,000. With Big Freight’s return to the more brand neutral black body color, a significant financial resell gain was ensured.

Inspired by Big Freight’s embraceable sense of pride in history, we set about to integrate each of the company’s historic fleet colors into a free flowing and celebratory, ribbon motif, announcing to the world that the trucking giant was not about to give up its reign as king of the road anytime soon.

Jet BlackJet Black: Base color for new fleet increase the resale value.
Mint GreenMint Green: Previous fleet color, based on 50’s Chrysler.
Dark GreenDark Green: Original company color when known as Southeast Transfer.
Mid-Tone GreenMid-Tone Green: New green from current Big Freight identity.
Voted one of North America's 5 Flashiest Fleets Big Freight's new Truck Colors

Award Winning Fleet Graphics

It wasn’t long after the trucks hit the roads, that the Commercial Carrier Journal proudly selected Big Freight’s new look as one of North America’s ‘Five Flashiest Fleets’.

With big brand names such as Polaris, Harley Davidson and Yamaha among their enviable client list, it’s easy to see that they’ll soon be loading up their trailers with truckloads of new business.

Some of Big Freights Client's; Harley Davidson, Polaris and Yamaha

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