Big Freight Systems Inc. evolved from a local carrier in southeastern Manitoba, Canada, to one of North America’s premier Freight Management and Supply Chain Solution providers. Their services cover Canada, the 48 Continental United States, and Mexico. When they presented us with the challenge of introducing a bold new image to the roadways of North America, we didn’t take it lightly. We opted not only to look forward, but to take a reflective step back in time.

Big Freight Fleet of Vehicles
Fleet Graphics

Inspired by Big Freight’s genuine sense of pride in history, we chose to keep the integrity of its historic fleet colours: three shades of green, including a vintage 50’s mint green Chevy which was in use for their current fleet lineup. The vintage colour not only dated the trucks, but challenged their bottom line due to low resell value. So, we proposed a resell-friendly black for the fleet. We also intertwined a free flowing ribbon motif, each ribbon reflecting a symbolic colour from the past, including the retro mint green. All of this helped make a celebratory statement to the world, that this trucking giant was not about to give up its reign as king of the road anytime soon.

Big Freight 5 Flashiest Fleets

“We needed to revitalize our brand from the staleness that was associated with our vehicles. The trucks were dated and so was the look and feel.”

“Q-power gave us exactly what we were looking for; a cool new look with a connect to our longstanding history. Their intuitive business sense helped us realize black trucks were the right choice for our re-sell markets.”
~ Gary Coleman, President, Big Freight Systems Inc.

Big Freight Fleet
Big Freight Landscape Big Freight Truck Bottom Line FOP
Big Freight Tin
Freight Optimization Video & Packaging

Big Freight’s reach extends deep into the four corners of North America, with big name brand clients such as Polaris, Harley Davidson, and Yamaha among its enviable fleet of customers. But that doesn’t mean new business simply comes knocking on the door. Big Freight wanted potential new clients to take advantage of its Freight Optimization Program. Strategically placed distribution centers across Canada allows for clients to share the load per trip, creating big savings via lower delivered costs per unit. We told the story through a tongue-and-cheek informational video, and loaded it up on a truck-shaped USB.

Big Freight USB stick